January newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

The music essay with the theme Music . . . is Inspiration is due online January 10th. Open to students in grades 7-12; prize is $75. Instructions in studio.

FREE acoustic Everett spinet piano and bench. Located in ES; I have a picture on my phone. Appears in perfect condition; you move it. Owner passed.

Piano exams will be late April or early May and will probably be virtual. Students perform 2-4 pieces and the required technic for the judge in a private audition. Everyone gets a critique and ribbon; usually takes 2 years to get a trophy. Let me know if you plan to participate.

Anyone under age 19 can write a musical-themed poem; there are five winners of $100 each. Deadline online is February. Instructions in studio.

No holidays from piano this month or next. If my street is untreated, I will notify you so that we can reschedule or set up a virtual lesson.

Thank you to all who participated in the Christmas program for Excelsior Nursing and Valley Manor and was videoed by Jason Cole.

December 2021 newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

Our Christmas program will be Saturday, December 11th at 10:00 at the First United Methodist Church, 1650 Rainbow Blvd. Dress Christmasy for the video! Every one is invited. All will play on the left piano.

Winning worksheets in November were done by Della Andreasen, Jason Harness and Madelyn Maney. Second place winners are Gianna Maney, Evelynn Stewart and Champion Tribble. During December we will focus on sight reading.

Winter break is December 27 – 31. No lessons except by special request.

Our preparation for Keyboard Merits will begin the middle of December. This is when a judge observes your technic and performance of chosen pieces. You will earn ribbons and trophies for this. I urge all students to participate in this.

November 2021 newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

Happy Fall Y’All program is on YouTube! Here’s the link: https://bit.lyDPSFall2021

Thanks to students, parents, Jason, Courtney and Mackenzie Cole and the Methodist Church where we put this program together for Excelsior Springs Nursing and Valley Manor.

We are working towards a Christmas Concert which could be December 11th. I will send hard copy messages (by request) with the students with new info.

Our worldwide challenge for November is a practice challenge to play 50,000 pieces in November. I will offer it to students if they want to participate. Its like the summer memorize challenge we did. No pressure.

Here are the winners for perfect worksheets for Halloween! First place: Madelyn Maney; tied for 2nd place: Bridie Chapman and Gianna Maney; tied for 3rd place: Champion Tribble, Della Andreasen, Evelynn Steward and Jason Harness. Great job students.

October 2021 Newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

Our Community Service this month will be our Fall Program for Excelsior Nursing and Rehab and Valley Manor. This will be filmed at the First United Methodist Church on Saturday, October 30th starting at 9:45.

Students wear costumes and/or decorate their faces and play piano pieces using their music. All pieces are fall-themed: pumpkins, cats, frost, autumn mist or spooky in minor keys.

We are using two different pianos with no lost time between pieces so it will move quickly. Pianos are on opposite sides so parents and friends will want to sit on the side where the student is performing.

No limit on guests you may invite as it is a large auditorium. The program will be on YouTube and I will give you the link and is also on DVD’s for the nursing homes.

I will have openings for two students mid October. If interested, please call 816-637-3507.

September 1, 2021

Our summer challenge was a great success! Our studio was challenged to memorize 100 pieces and we did it!! Every student (except 5) memorized at least one piece and we are celebrating this week with ice cream. Students who memorized the most are Madelyn Maney (22 pieces), Gianna Maney (13), Bridie Chapman (12), Harmony Bovard (10), Alex Jack and Evelynn Stewart (6 each).

We are starting Halloween Music this month for a program at Excelsior Nursing on October 30th. Also learning ear training this fall (it will say ET book 1 – 5 in assignment book).

The theme for the next essay is “Music is Inspiration.” This is a competition for piano students in Missouri in grades 7-12 with the winner earning $75. Past winners (Mackenzie and Genevieve) cannot participate. Start thinking.

No piano lessons on Monday, September 6th which is Labor Day.

August 2021 newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

Great job students! We have reached 78 memorized pieces this summer. There are 26 days left. Ice cream is rewarded for all who helped reach our goal of 100 pieces for our studio. You are awesome!

An acoustic piano with bench is being offered to my students for FREE. Do you need 88 keys and a sustain pedal to play your pieces as they were composed? Please contact me to see a picture and for contact information.

The new schedule made to accommodate those students requiring a different time will begin the third week of August: the 16th to 20th. I will email and text reminders of your lesson time that week. Thank you for requesting a change several weeks in advance and checking with coaches for practice times.

July 2021 Newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

Summer break ends July 11th.

Students participated in a fun June weekday piano activity. Mackenzie finished all the projects and as of today, Alex and Izabel have completed 20 and Katelin 19. They will receive “Symphony” candy bars. There may be more winners!

Our studio summer challenge, along with many other piano teachers in the USA, is to memorize 100 pieces between June 1st and school starting. Sixteen students have memorized 32 pieces towards our goal. Ice cream for all who participate!

Here are some links for pop music: https://fmsheetmusic.com (pop songs by Jennifer Eklund and popmusicplus.com (video/anime music by Chrissy Ricker).

June 2021 Newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

I have been fully vaccinated! You may wear or not wear a mask; I will wear a mask if you ask me to do so.

Thanks to everyone who participated in and came to our outdoor piano recital. Especially the Bowmans who loaned and set up their Korg piano; we couldn’t have done it without you! Students performed their pieces from memory; it was very windy! They were awarded five finger trophies, 10 point and 30 point trophies and blue ribbons for all. Goody bags had water blasters (because I’ve had a “blast” teaching you), pens and treble clef paper clips.

We are working on pop music, lead sheets and learning a variety of ways to play chords. June has a fun piano activity sheet to complete for prizes.

Summer break will be July 4th through July 12th. No holidays observed in June. I appreciate knowing when you will be gone so that I have openings to make up lessons.

There is a lovely acoustic piano and bench available! Please contact me if you are ready for an upgrade.

May 1, 2021 newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

Keyboard Merits was successfully done virtually with the adjudicator, Dr. Helen Brown on April 30th. There were 21 students participating.

Thirteen students earned the maximum of 6 points; there are 4 levels in this category: 6 minus minus, 6 minus, 6 and 6 plus. The students earning a 6 (+ or -) are: Alex, Bridie, Champion, Clara, Ella, Emily, Forrest, Georgia, Izabel, Jason, Katelin, Madeline and Rose. Congratulations on excellent preparation! Everyone will get their critique sheet at your piano lesson this week.

Our recital is Friday, May 21st starting at 5:00 in the parking lot of the church across from the high school. Four families will perform for you (and whoever you invite) and receive ribbons, trophies or a goodie bag. Each performance will last about 15 minutes; please honk and cheer for them. Cones mark the location for the four cars with performers. When the group has finished, please move out of that area so the next group can park.

May 31st is a holiday with no lessons. Summer lesson schedule remains the same unless you request a different time (if available).

April 2021 newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

Keyboard Merits is April 30th from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Please come 5 minutes before your scheduled time. It is virtually in the studio with only the student and the adjudicator present. Your critique and score will be given you at your next piano lesson.

Our recital is outdoors this year in the parking lot of the Presbyterian Church across from the high school. It will be on Friday, May 21st starting at 5:00 p.m. in the evening and each performance will last about 10-15 minutes. Four families will perform for you and receive their ribbons and trophies; you may honk your horns and cheer for them. Groups will be scheduled every 30 minutes. No invitations, compliment cards or reception this year.

Summer lesson schedule remains the same unless you need to switch. Next holiday is Memorial Day on May 31st – no piano lessons that day.