Mackenzie masters level 2 in One Minute Club

Level two is recognizing all the notes on the grand staff PLUS the ledger line notes above and below and in between. She can also add the sharps or flats as needed. This must all be done in under one minute to qualify for this certificate. Great job mastering this Mackenzie!

February 2023 newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

Piano exams are coming in May with Dr. Helen Brown of William Jewell College. Sign up now. Fees are $16 for 15 minutes; $32 for 30 minutes. Everyone receives a ribbon and a professional evaluation of their performance. Trophies are awarded for every 10 points earned. Planning for Monday, May 15th starting at 3:00 p.m.

Three ladies are playing for the Valentine Banquet at Aspire on Feb. 14th. They have been preparing and practicing for their 90 minute program.

Advanced students are working on learning major and minor key signatures; Katelin is the fastest recognizing them! Other students are focusing on dynamics.

When we have inclement weather you can send me a video or have virtual lessons on Skype or FaceTime or reschedule in-person lessons.

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