January newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

The music essay with the theme Music . . . is Inspiration is due online January 10th. Open to students in grades 7-12; prize is $75. Instructions in studio.

FREE acoustic Everett spinet piano and bench. Located in ES; I have a picture on my phone. Appears in perfect condition; you move it. Owner passed.

Piano exams will be late April or early May and will probably be virtual. Students perform 2-4 pieces and the required technic for the judge in a private audition. Everyone gets a critique and ribbon; usually takes 2 years to get a trophy. Let me know if you plan to participate.

Anyone under age 19 can write a musical-themed poem; there are five winners of $100 each. Deadline online is February. Instructions in studio.

No holidays from piano this month or next. If my street is untreated, I will notify you so that we can reschedule or set up a virtual lesson.

Thank you to all who participated in the Christmas program for Excelsior Nursing and Valley Manor and was videoed by Jason Cole.

Mackenzie wins speed reading!

Last week’s challenge was speed reading and the results were very close. Many students were under 30 seconds with Forrest, Jason and Mackenzie under 20 seconds. Mackenzie was 13 seconds and 59/100 beating Jason who had 13 seconds and 94/100! Great job students. (The bass clef notes slowed some down.)

Forrest is quickest!

Last week we worked on dynamics and articulation by putting together eight Christmas trees. The tree in the center illustrates “pianissimo” for the trunk, the English words “very soft” for the middle and the star at the top is the symbol “pp”. Forrest was the fastest at putting them all together in 20 seconds, beating Della by one second! He can also play pieces fast and lively!