Piano students entertain at ESN&R

These students entertained the residents this morning with folk songs and patriotic music. In addition to piano solos, Dylan played sax, Georgia played a tin whistle, Ms. Dorothy played rags and blues, Kate danced, Cole played his trombone, Colt played sax, Rowan played a duet and Genevieve played her ukulele while residents sang. One resident said the program was worth getting up this morning to see! All take piano lessons at Dorothy’s Piano Studio.

Program June 15 10:30 a.m.

Excelsior Nursing and Rehab residents will enjoy folk and patriotic music presented by students of Dorothy’s Piano Studio. In addition to piano solos, there will be saxophone, trombone, ukulele, tin whistle. a dancer and a piano duet.

Please invite residents you know to the dining area this Saturday to enjoy the music the kids have prepared for them. Almost all numbers are ones they will remember from their childhood.

June Newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

Saturday, June 15th is our first program this year at Excelsior Nursing and Rehab, 1003 Meadow Lark Lane, located one block east of Excelsior Hospital. We will present traditional folk tunes for the residents beginning at 10:30 a.m. We have piano, sax, trombone, ukulele and tin whistle. Other instruments and voice are welcome.

Pictures will be taken at the close. We will be in their dining area with a limited number of chairs. There is a code on the front door (door only open for 15 seconds at a time) – use same code to exit.

Recital: Thank you for your attendance and for all the compliment cards I received; that was unexpected and greatly appreciated. At the recital, I forgot to hand out the certificates for 100 days of practice: 800 days to Kate Houck and 1400 days to Patty Summers. Also, I missed the certificate for completing the second level of One Minute Club which was earned by Kate Houck that week! Congrats Kate. Sorry I missed this; you worked hard.

Tuition for 30 minute piano lessons is $60 a month. Many of you have earned a discount; ask if you are in question.

There will be no lessons on July 4th. Summer break will be July 21 through August 4th (2 weeks). July tuition will be discounted.

How to Practice:

  1. Practice slowly.
  2. Break it into small sections.
  3. Practice a little bit each day.
  4. Repetition – play it until you cannot play it wrong.
  5. Record yourself
  6. Have a goal each practice session.
  7. Mentally go through the music before you play a note.

Dorothy's Piano Studio

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