Katelin achieves level 2

One Minute Club has three levels of proficiency: Katelin has achieved the second level. This means she can recognize the notes in the Grand Staff, both sharps, flats and naturals plus 23 leger line notes in under 60 seconds! This is a great accomplishment as she is able to sightread music quickly as well as perfecting pieces. Congratulations, Katelin; so proud of you.

November 2022 newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

Thank you parents and students for the fun program at Aspire last Saturday. Thanks to those taking pictures – see my website www.dorothyspianostudio.com for some of them. A huge thank-you to those who helped with dressing the performers to match their piece!

Our next program will be a medley of traditional Christmas songs and carols that will bring happy memories for the residents. It will be December 10th at 10:30 a.m. at Aspire Senior Living. No memorizing needed; dress in holiday colors.

Thanksgiving break will be November 24th-26th. If you will not be coming on the 22nd or 23rd, please let me know in advance.

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