June 2021 Newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

I have been fully vaccinated! You may wear or not wear a mask; I will wear a mask if you ask me to do so.

Thanks to everyone who participated in and came to our outdoor piano recital. Especially the Bowmans who loaned and set up their Korg piano; we couldn’t have done it without you! Students performed their pieces from memory; it was very windy! They were awarded five finger trophies, 10 point and 30 point trophies and blue ribbons for all. Goody bags had water blasters (because I’ve had a “blast” teaching you), pens and treble clef paper clips.

We are working on pop music, lead sheets and learning a variety of ways to play chords. June has a fun piano activity sheet to complete for prizes.

Summer break will be July 4th through July 12th. No holidays observed in June. I appreciate knowing when you will be gone so that I have openings to make up lessons.

There is a lovely acoustic piano and bench available! Please contact me if you are ready for an upgrade.

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