February 2021

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

Piano lessons are offered every weekday, virtually or in person. This includes President’s Day.

Piano exams showing what you have accomplished in piano this year will be the end of April or first of May. If you have had lessons less than one year, you will play one piece with the music and one from memory for a judge. The longer you have had lessons, the more you play. For this you get a ribbon and certificate and the judge awards points based on how much you have learned for the number of lessons you have had. The judge offers suggestions to help you. Trophies are earned for every ten points, getting larger with 20, 30, or 40 points.

You may compose a piece for Piano Explorer magazine to compete for prizes. The theme is “farm life.” My studio is allowed 10 entries for this contest. I have staff paper and I can help you but you must come up with the idea – planting or harvesting; animals on a farm for example.

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