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Accomplishments: Kate Houck practiced 1300 days and Katelin Mansell practiced 300 days in a row! Della Andreasen completed Muscle Memory (scales, chords etc.) Georgia Keighley passed the second level of the One Minute Club. Bridie Chapman, Champion Tribble and Della Andreasen finished books. Clara Gilliam, Champion Tribble and Rose Winter had 6 perfect worksheets.

Events: Emily Jack started piano lessons. Cole Dickey, Colt Bowman and Oliver Day celebrated birthdays.

This month students can borrow or purchase Christmas music. It will be available in the waiting room. Please check out the books with me.

When asked why pay so much money for so many years for piano lessons, a parent’s response was: I pay for those moments when my kids become so tired they want to quit but don’t. I pay for my kids to learn to be disciplined. I pay for my kids to learn to deal with disappointment as well as success. I pay for my kids to learn to make and accomplish goals. According to science, piano lessons were the best thing your parents ever did for you.

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