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If you are returning to public school, please wear a mask during piano lessons. Everyone, use the hand sanitizer before playing the piano.

Outstanding accomplishments this month: Completing 2nd level One Minute Club is Cole Dickey; completing 1st level is Bridget McCartney. Practicing 200 days in a row without missing is Champion Tribble. Madeline Andreasen completed Muscle Memory (pentatonic scales etc.). Completing books and advancing this month are Colt Bowman, Jason Breshearse, MacKenzie Cole, Oliver Day, Cole Dickey, Kevin Harris, Katelin Mansell and Champion Tribble! Congratulations all.

Piano Explorer is a full color, 16 page magazine for piano students beginners through adults. There are pages about famous composers, unfamiliar composers and a piece by a new composer (that’s students your age.) Articles on an instrument, theory, technique and a puzzle or game are in each issue. Names of students practicing at least 100 days in a row are listed each month. The cost is $6 a year! Order and pay before October 1st.

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