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Keyboard Merits was held May 22nd with Dr. Helen Brown on FaceTime. All students earned a blue ribbon that day! Here are the results: 5- = one student, 5 = eight students; 5+ = three students; 6- = five students; 6 = one student; 6+ = one student. Four students who reached 10 or 20 points earned trophies which are being engraved.

Everyone received a critique sheet from the judge showing areas where you “nailed” it and suggestions for improvements; all also received participation certificates from the judge. Pictures of those earning small “Great Job” trophies for completing their project of pentatonic scales, arpeggios and block chords were taken.

June 29 through July 4th will be our “summer break” so there will be no piano lessons that week. Please tell me in advance when you will not be here; you have had four “free” lessons this year to cover vacation times.

In May Jason B. and Rose W. both joined the One Minute Club by recognizing all the grand staff notes in less than 60 seconds! Forrest D. and Mackenzie C. practiced 100 days in a row and Kate H. practiced 1200 days in a row! Finishing Muscle Memory were Hazel D., Forrest D., Courtney C. and Champion T. Courtney C. completed Prelude and moved into Movement 1! Great job, everyone!

If you need a Skype, FaceTime or phone lesson, please let me know by noon on your lesson day. Finding all your music and preparing takes awhile but I am glad to do it if you need one.

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