Kate practices 1200 days without missing and earns top score in piano exams!

It was no surprise that Kate earned the top honors in Keyboard Merits because she makes sure that she practices every day! Her rating in piano exams was a 6+. Congratulations Kate. We are so proud of you!!

May 2020 Newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

Private piano lessons now available on-line and in person. Please give me at least 4 hours notice if sick or unable to come to the studio and we will have your lesson on Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

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Keyboard Merits (piano exams) are Friday, May 22nd. Bring only the music you need; no bags, no backpacks, no lanyards with badges, no brag cards. I will provide the judge with all the music. You will stay 6 feet or more from the judge. There will be chairs 6 feet apart in the foyer of the church for a parent. Only the student will come in the hallway where you see the judge. There are no warmup pianos available. I will give completed five-finger trophies and certificates and take a picture. Ribbons and personally engraved trophies come in a few weeks.

I am so proud of all the practice you have done. During the month of April, the following students have completed these books: Completing Prelude by Piano Pronto are Forrest Doty, Mady Wood, Courtney Cole, and Jason Besherse; Champion Tribble completed “To the Farm”, Kevin Harris finished Movement 2 and Hazel Day completed Alfred lesson book 1B.

The May recital is postponed.

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