April Newsletter

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We WILL have Keyboard Merits sometime in May! If our judge cannot come to us, we are sending our pieces and technique to her to be evaluated and receive her comments! She has asked that we wait until the first week of May to decide how we will do it as she really would like to see you in person if allowed. There are two openings for this that have already been paid for; please let me know if you now want to participate this year.

During the month of March these students reached the following goals: Champion Tribble practiced every day for 100 days, Katelin Mansell practiced every day for 200 days, Kate Houck reached 1,100 days of consecutive practice and Patty Summers practiced 1,700 days!! Congrats each of you!

Oliver Day completed Muscle Memory, learning all pentatonic scales, arpeggios and block chords! Rowan Graham joined the One Minute Club by recognizing all notes on the grand staff! Rose Winter and Ellie Weber finished their original compositions and entered in the competition sponsored by “Piano Explorer.”

I will begin posting again on social media but some of the pictures may have been taken in the past so if you’ve changed your hair style or color, sorry not to be up to date! You’ve waited long enough for your recognition.

Thanks to all whose tuition was on time; no late fees this month, pay when you can. Thanks to the many of you who have turned in worksheets, theory and power pages workbooks via the garage table and those who have picked up music and other work from me the same way. We will survive!!

I love and appreciate each of you. No piano exams May 1st but sometime during May; recital will happen sometime this summer, possibly by video!

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