Ellie finishes her composition

Ellie has composed an awesome piece entitled “The Creation” which is about the creation of the continent Antarctica. It has been entered in a contest in Piano Explorer magazine. She will be competing with other young composers ages 11 through 18. Good luck, Ellie. Its a great piece!

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There are piano lessons every day of every week in March including during Spring Break. If you are not coming, please give me as much notice as possible so that other students can take advantage of make-up times.

Four students are working hard on their compositions for the competition in Piano Explorer due March 6th. The theme of their piece must be Artic or Antarctic. Rowan Graham has completed his and his title is “Artic Storm”. Rose has called hers “Playful Penguins” and I don’t know the names that Ellie and Georgia have chosen.

Most students are preparing their pieces for the piano exams on May 1st and all have most of their technic completed. We should know this week if our judge will be Dr. Brown of William Jewell.

Oliver, Liz, Levi and Bridget have completed all their muscle memory work which includes the pentatonic scales, arpeggios and block chords.

The basic flash cards which include all notes on the grand staff have been completed in 60 seconds or less by Katelin, Liz, Kevin, Levi and Madi.

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