January 2020 newsletter

Dorothy's Monthly Newsletter

Congratulations to Patty Summers for 1600 days piano practice; to Katelin Mansell for practicing 200 days without missing and to Rowan Graham for 100 consecutive days piano practice! Very good job!

Music essay deadline is January 10th. The theme is “Music – a Magic Carpet” and the cash award is $75.

The Poetry contest has “any musical theme of your choice”; the deadline is February 1st and the cash award is $100.

Composition contest through “Piano Explorer Magazine” is a solo for piano with the theme “Antarctica” and must be e-mailed or postmarked by March 10th.

Keyboard Merits – piano exams in May – showing what you have learned and polished. Please check the date Friday May 8th and let me know of any conflicts. We have begun scales, chords and other technic and are choosing our solo program piece or pieces.

Congrats to the following students who have shown in December that they recognize all the staff notes in under one minute: Liz Loar, Kevin Harris, Katelin Mansell and Levi Turner. Next challenge: ledger line notes!

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