September Newsletter

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Days practicing the piano without missing any days: 100 days – Katelin Mansell, 900 days – Kate Houck, 1500 days – Patty Summers. They are listed in the October Piano Explorer magazine. Do you want to join? Ask for a practice record!

Halloween program at Excelsior Nursing on Saturday October 26th at 10:30? Please check for conflicts and let me know by September 13th.

We are beginning Sight Reading, marked in the assignment book as S.R. Each lesson we play a note search exercise and then choose a four-measure piece and try to play it perfectly the first time. Awards given each month.

A year’s subscription to Piano Explorer is $6; I need to turn this in Sept. 15th. Ask to see sample magazines if you are not sure.

Practicing the piano. 1. The first 24 hours following your lesson and the last 24 hours before your lesson are The Two Most Important Times To Practice. 2. Practicing the piano uses a different portion of your brain than schoolwork. So take a study break of 5 minutes between subjects. Do this 3-4 times a week. 3. Be able to tell me before you play each piece your progress and improvement on the piece this week. 4. Lack of practice = lack of progress = lack of motivation to practice. 5. TUPRACTIS – the miracle drug for struggling musicians.

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