Georgia’s composition

Student composes music.

“Piano Explorer” magazine offers an opportunity for young composers to write a piece and enter a contest for the most outstanding composition. This year’s theme was “about your pet, the one you have now, the one you wish you had, or the one you used to have.” Georgia composed “The Bouncing Beta”, a piece about her pet fish.

Recital piece memorized!

Cole was the first student to completely memorize his recital piece he chose at piano lessons and show me how well he can perform it. He is holding the music but he doesn’t need to look at it anymore. Great job, Cole. Way not to procrastinate about getting the job done. Now he’s working on the rest of his pieces to play for the Keyboard Merit judge!!

Ellie proudly shows her piano badges

Ellie & piano badges
Ellie earned five badges on her lanyard at piano lessons this week! Badges are earned for accomplishments learned and demonstrated at her lesson. Examples are learning rhythm, dynamics, phrasing and letter names and for the littles (age 5-8), learning right hand-left hand, finger numbers, names of keys etc.

Congrats to Patty – practicing every day!

Patty has practiced every single days for 1300 days! Students are asked to practice one minute for each year of their age six days a week. This means a five year old would practice five minutes and a ten year old would practice ten minutes at a time. I hope that they would choose to practice at least one more time in a day because without practice, there is little progress. In order to be featured in the magazine “Piano Explorer” a student must do at least the minimum every day for 100 days in a row.

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Piano teacher photo

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